Restaurant Management

Your services, we have digitized them. Ordering, Booking, Delivery,Takout, Dine in.

Our Services

Securely managing of your restaurant or food business from practically any device.

Restaurant software development

Every continent has different approaches to fulfillment of Restaurant demands. We specialized on European markets and legislation.

App and Playstore

Screenshots, Artwork, Build/Compile , Upload, Update

Managed Hosting on Google Cloud

Since 99% of the services we've chosen to offer our customers a hosted enviroment on Google cloud. From a single restaurant website , with backend and ordering app. To Hyperlocal Food Ordering & Booking platform.

BI & Analytics

Because of the usage of the apps and their services you get more data. But gathering and translating that to improvement suggestions or actions is costly, thats why we do it for you.

Why Choose Us


Our team has over 105 years of experience in the Food sector


As long as we can imagine it, we can develop it.

Food oriented

Built to manage your business 


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